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Defamation | Reputations at Stake

Author: Lauri Schmid ( email author ) ( download author’s v-card )

Savage, MN Estate Planning Attorney

In this era of social media, some may wonder if they can protect their reputations under the law of defamation. In order for a statement to be defamatory, it must be false. There are two types of defamation: The term “libel” refers to written statements or other tangible materials that are defamatory in nature. “Slander” refers to spoken statements that are defamatory. For their part, defendants in defamatory suits may offer the defense that they wrote or spoke the truth. A truthful statement cannot be the basis for a defamation claim. Another defense to a defamation claim is consent, in which case the defendant may say that the plaintiff gave the defendant permission to make the statements in question.

Do you have any questions about defamation? Have you been accused of libel or slander? Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with all aspects defamatory actions. We will provide you with the thoughtful legal advice you need during this difficult time. In addition, we also take cases that pertain to family law, contract law, and probate issues.

HINT: As a general matter, anyone who repeats someone else’s statements is just as responsible for their defamatory content as the original speaker if he or she knew, or had reason to know, of the defamation.

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