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MN Conservatorships | Changes Coming with New MY MN Conservator System

CAMPER to Transition to MyMNConservator

A new account and password will need to be created when MyMNConservator (a.k.a. MMC) is up and running. Training videos will be available at on April 15. A conversion inventory will need to be created for each court file, which consists of the assets listed in the most recent inventory or annual accounting.

Questions? Call (952) 953-8830.

The deadline for annual reports due in the interim should be extended to allow conservators time to learn and use the new system. The county’s court administration may confirm whether an extension will be granted.

What are the similarities between CAMPER and MyMNConservator?

  • It is accessed from the same webpage:
  • You will still be able to upload transaction data from a .csv file. The .csv template is available on the court’s website.

What are the differences between CAMPER and MyMNConservator?

  • The prior accounting information will not transfer to each new accounting until a conversion inventory is created and the first accounting in the new system is filed.
  • Personal Well-Being Reports and Annual Notice of Rights forms may no longer be filed through MMC. Instead, these forms must be downloaded from the court’s website ( and filed electronically through an attorney or on paper.
  • The intent of MMC is that it will be easier to use, permit amendments (with approval) and will have audit features to correspond with the relatively new Conservator Account Auditing Programs (CAAP).

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