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Wondering About Legal "Fireworks" in Minnesota? We Thought So.

Right around this time each year, Minnesotans head to temporary tent stores around the state (um, and some border states) to buy fireworks. Celebrating the Fourth of July without fireworks almost seems unpatriotic, or, at a minimum, un-fun. What could be more American than watching hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned dollars going up in a dazzling flurry of purple, yellow and red sparks?

Estate Planning: Do I Need to Update My Will?

A well drafted estate plan is intended to last many, many years. It is my hope that my clients ride off into the sunset with their estate plans and do not need any updates. However, life is anything but constant, so sometimes changes are necessary. It is important to revisit your estate plan every few years and when you and your immediate family experience major life events--for example: marriages, divorces, births, deaths, buying/selling a home or winning the lottery--to make sure your plan still matches your goals.

Written Agreements 101: "Parol" Officer

An oral contract is, in most circumstances, just as enforceable as a written contract.  Of course, the law always prefers written agreements because it is easier to define each party's rights and obligations by looking at a document. So if you have an oral agreement with another party, it is almost always better to put it in writing. This avoids confusion later. But if you do put an agreement in writing, it's important to know about the "parol evidence rule" and how that might affect what is in the contract, and what is not.

Five Things You Need to Know about Conciliation or "Small Claims" Court

We all know that in our very human and imperfect world, things don't always turn out the way they should. Sometimes people don't keep their promises. Sometimes they fail to provide a product or service. Sometimes unscrupulous people just try to pull a fast one.

While your college kids are home for the holidays...

While your college kids are home for the holidays it's a great time to encourage them to put some just-in-case legal documents in place. When children turn 18 and become adults, their parents are unable to legally act on their behalf without court intervention or the individual's express written consent. Accordingly, you should consider having your adult children put two legal documents in place: a health care directive and a power of attorney. 

Federal Judge Stays Overtime Rules

As you may know, the federal Department of Labor ("DOL"), adopted new regulations for overtime pay that were to be effective December 1, 2016. Those regulations included a significant increase in salary for any employees whose duties qualified them for an exemption from overtime pay as either a professional, executive or administrative employee under the Fair labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Minnesota Contracts: The Elements

On February 4, 2018, Minnesota will play host to the largest televised event of that year: Super Bowl LII. Minnesota and U.S. Bank Stadium will be on display. But behind the scenes, a complex framework of contracts for goods and services will allow millions of dollars in value to change hands in an orderly, predictable way. But where there are high volumes of contracts, there are also breaches of contract. One party fails to pay. Another party fails to deliver goods or services. A non-party to the contract takes the money or destroys the goods before they can be delivered. A host of things can go wrong. 

Hiding Marital Property is More Common Than You Think

While wealthy people can be accused of hiding assets during a divorce, it is not uncommon among other couples as well.

People in Apple Valley may not give much thought to the idea that their spouse could be hiding marital property, but they should. Despite how amicable a divorce appears to be, the division of property is often a contentious issue that can generate lengthy court battles and underhanded tactics.

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