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Estate Planning Is Still Possible During the Pandemic

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Estate Planning |

These are unusual times, that much is certain. Everything has unimaginably changed in the last two weeks. It is awfully hard not to be acutely aware of the news, conflicting data, and general pandemic panic. Let us help you channel that COVID-19 anxiety (or denial) into something productive.

Let’s do your estate planning! While you are cooped up without social functions to distract you, cross this one glaring thing off your to do list. It feels pretty darn good to take back some control in these times when things are very much out of our personal control.

We are more than happy to do the initial meeting, answer questions, and review drafts with you by phone or even video-chat. Once your documents are ready for you to sign, you can decide whether you want to wait for the virus to mellow out or come into our office to sign the documents. You can take our word that we are aggressive about the 6-foot personal bubble, are sanitizing everything, and our hands are chapped from all the hand washing.

We at DMSHB are lawyers not doctors, but we can nonetheless say with a high degree of confidence that each of us will someday die. Probably not today or tomorrow or this year or even next year (quick–someone knock on wood). Here’s hoping it won’t be for many, many wonderful years. But it will happen eventually. Why not be ready?

We know you have been putting your estate planning off. Let’s just get it done while you’ve got some extra time. Then you will be ready to rejoin the world with peace of mind and zest once life returns to normal.

Until then: stay safe, stay healthy.