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Buying or Selling a Business

To navigate your complex business transactions, work with a straightforward, responsive and professional Minnesota business sale or purchase attorney who listens to your concerns and outlines an effective strategy. DMSHB’s business law attorneys serve business owners and entrepreneurs across Minnesota and Wisconsin and are available to assist business owners in achieving their goals.

Business Acquisitions

Buying a business typically involves either an asset purchase or an equity-based purchase. In an asset purchase, the buyer purchases only the seller’s assets, instead of acquiring control of the entity as a whole. An asset purchase is generally more beneficial to the buyer than the seller from a tax standpoint.

In an equity-based purchase, the buyer takes full ownership of the stock (corporation), the membership units (limited liability company), or the partnership interests (partnership) in the company. This generally results in a more stable change in ownership and management and generally results in more beneficial tax consequences for the seller.

When it comes to the documents involved in the sale or purchase of a business, DMSHB assists in negotiating the terms of the deal and preparing the documents needed to close the transaction.

Business Mergers

When entities decide to combine into a single entity through a merger, the transaction can be legally and operationally complex. Guidance from a competent business attorney is imperative when weighing a merger and evaluating the various options available in this type of business transaction.

DMSHB’s business attorneys in Apple Valley, Minnesota handle a variety of mergers and acquisitions for business clients, including:

  • Asset sales
  • Asset purchases
  • Corporate governance advice
  • General corporate counseling
  • Joint ventures
  • Leveraged buyouts

Learn More

To learn more about buying or selling a business in Minnesota, please call us at 952-432-3136 or, if you prefer, contact us via e-mail.