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The litigation attorneys at DMSHB handle large and small disputes for individuals and for commercial clients of varying sizes. Our litigation attorneys have been successful in obtaining favorable results for clients at both the trial and appellate levels.  Our litigation attorneys represent clients in contract disputes, disputes, and many other practice areas, including the following:

Our representation and advice extend from the preventative dispute resolution process to court and jury trials, in both state and federal courts. From preemptive representation in the early stages of a dispute to aggressive advocacy in the latter stages of litigation, we work to protect our clients’ interests and to champion their claims and defenses to just resolution.

Meeting Your Objectives

From the initial meeting to the final resolution, our attorneys focus on identifying goals and achieving objectives. We understand that litigation costs and risks impact bottom lines. From the beginning, our attorneys design litigation strategies to meet clients’ objectives, whether that means working towards a rapid negotiated settlement or whether that means setting a corporate precedent through extended litigation.

Delivering Value

Our litigation attorneys work aggressively to meet your objectives, and our priority is to take a proactive, and not reactive approach, in litigation. We apply cost-effective discovery strategies, and we tailor these strategies to the unique needs of each client, and each case. We also offer our clients an open line of communication by doing the little things, like answering voicemails the same day we receive them. In short, we deliver value to our clients by learning the facts, applying the law, and partnering with our clients to achieve their goals.

How We Do It?

  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Early analysis
  • Identifying objectives
  • Effective communication
  • Risk management

Learn More

To learn more about the litigation services we provide to our clients, please call us at 952-432-3136 or, if you prefer, contact us via e-mail.