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Conciliation Court

Minnesota’s conciliation courts (also known as “small claims courts”) have authority to decide cases involving up to $15,000.00 (formerly, the limit was $10,00.00).

Legal Representation in Conciliation Court

Generally, any time money is sought from an individual or an entity, the claim may be brought in conciliation court, subject to the claim limits. Examples of common disputes brought in conciliation court may include the following:

  • A person performs construction work or provides consulting services for someone, but that person refuses to pay for the services.
  • A person demands a refund of his or her security deposit, but the landlord refuses to return it without providing any explanation.
  • A repair shop or other service provider performs defective work and refuses to correct it.
  • A person damages or destroys the property of another but refuses to pay the costs of repairing or replacing it.

Our attorneys provide counsel to clients in preparing claims in conciliation court and, when appropriate, appear with clients in conciliation or small claims court proceedings.

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Disputes Not Permitted in Conciliation Court

The following disputes/claims must be heard in district court, not conciliation court:

  • Title to real estate
  • Libel (defamation, not spoken)
  • Slander (defamation, spoken)
  • Class actions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Actions against deceased people

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