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Debt Collection

Efficient and Effective

Whether a debt is large or small, debt collection attorneys must work quickly and efficiently.  Where the case involves non-payment of a debt, our debt collection lawyers are well-equipped to achieve timely outcomes.  By working quickly to obtain judgments, a debtor’s assets may be preserved, with better outcomes for creditors.  By effectively utilizing our knowledgeable staff, our debt collection attorneys manage debt collection litigation efficiently and implement post-judgment collection remedies in order to maximize recovery.

Commercial Debt Recovery

Our attorneys provide competitive or fixed fee structures for commercial debt recovery, depending on the size and nature of the debt being pursued.  Contact one of our debt collection attorneys to learn more about our competitive rates and the results our firm can deliver.

Bankruptcy Advice

Our debt collection attorneys also provide advice and counseling for creditors when debtors file for bankruptcy protection.  From analysis of Chapter 11 and 13 plans to adversary proceedings in Chapter 7 cases, our debt collection attorneys understand bankruptcy law and can provide cost-effective advice about the collectibility of debts in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding.

Learn More

To learn more about the debt collection services we provide to our clients, please call us at 952-432-3136 or, if you prefer,contact us via e-mail.