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Manufacturing Disputes

Breach of Contract

Where a sale of goods is involved, breach of contract cases are governed by Minnesota’s adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code.  While creating a predicable framework for the resolution of disputes, interpretation of the code requires studied experience and careful analysis.  Our attorneys routinely litigate UCC issues and are experienced in providing advice that helps clients to minimize litigation risk, particularly where goods must be rejected or acceptance must be revoked because goods do not conform to the contract.  Decisions in this realm often have significant consequences, and our attorneys can provide advice and direction designed to guide companies through the maze of interacting statutes and case law that govern these disputes.

Supply Chain Protection

Large companies often outsource manufacturing to other companies who specialize in manufacturing a specific product.  However, if the relationship between the seller and the manufacturer is not carefully protected, improper competition may result.  This can occur through misappropriation of trade secrets or other improper activity.  Our attorneys provide advice and litigation support to companies involved in supply chain disputes.  Supply chain litigation can be simple or complex, but where a chain is broken, the cascading effect of a missed delivery or payment can have significant consequences. Where immediate action is necessary to avoid irreparable harm, our attorneys can file emergency motions to protect a supply chain or relationship.  Our attorneys provide litigation support to both plaintiffs and defendants involved in supply chain disputes.

Payment Terms

Payment disputes result when one party refuses to pay for goods, or pays late. Payment disputes may also arise where credit terms are breached by a purchasing party.  Our litigation attorneys work to identify litigation solutions designed to quickly resolve payment disputes so that business clients can return to work quickly, or sever a business relationship. Where extended litigation is required, our attorneys work with clients to identify solutions designed to assess and recover damages quickly and cost-effectively.

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