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Probate Administration and Litigation

Our probate attorneys assist clients with a variety of legal questions that arise during probate administration of an estate after death. In doing so, our attorneys are regularly called upon to assist clients in navigating Minnesota’s Uniform Probate Code.

Uncontested Probate Administration

We assist personal representatives with the administration and distribution of large or complex estates.  The probate system is one that requires careful attention to detail so that a probate is handled efficiently and cost-effectively for all involved.  Our probate administration attorneys assist with determining whether a formal or informal probate is appropriate and help the personal representative to obtain the letters testamentary necessary for general administration.  Our probate administration attorneys also help personal representatives navigate the process of preparing inventory and accounting forms.  When the administration is complete, we assist in preparing the closing forms.

Contested Probate Litigation and Will Contests

Our attorneys often assist children in being appointed as personal representatives when a dispute has arisen about who should be appointed as personal representative when a parent dies.  At times, our attorneys also address questions that may arise about the validity of a testamentary document, such as a will.

In a will contest, the outcome can have a significant impact on who receives money and property.  It may have significant tax implications.  Although a dying person has the right to distribute an estate as he or she sees fit, unscrupulous family members or caregivers sometimes exert inappropriate influence over the dying person, causing the person to sign a will or testamentary document that does not reflect the dying person’s wishes. Under these circumstances, our attorneys assist clients with will contests, the goal of which is to obtain a legal determination as to which document should control.

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