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Wills & Planning Documents

An estate plan is more than a will.  An estate plan is more than a one-size-fits-all document.  An estate plan takes into account your unique situation.  Our experienced attorneys provide straightfoward advice and will guide you through the process in an efficient way.  The result is a cost-effective process and an estate plan that 1) gives you peace of mind now and 2) gives your loved ones certainty about your wishes after you are gone.


A properly executed and acknowledged will enables the maker of the will to decide the disposition of his or her estate upon death. A will can also do the following: include provisions that nominate a guardian of minor children, include provisions to protect children financially through a contingent trust for children, include provisions to help avoid or lower estate taxes, provide security to a person that his or her wishes will be followed and that the state or other persons will not be determining how his or her estate is distributed.

In addition to wills and trusts, our attorneys regularly prepare healthcare directives (to name a person to make medical decisions if you are unable to communicate), powers of attorney (to give a person authority to perform financial services), and guardianship designations (to have a guardian or conservator designated in the event of incapacity).

Health Care Directives

This document allows an individual to grant to another person the authority to make the individual’s health care decisions when the individual is unable to communicate. Further, the individual can give health care instructions to those making such decisions. This document takes the place of the living will and health care power of attorney.

Powers of Attorney

The power of attorney allows an individual to authorize another person to act on the individual’s behalf in all of his or her financial affairs.

Designation of Guardian

This document sets forth whom should be appointed guardian to take care of the physical or financial well-being of an individual during his or her incapacity or illness.

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