Patent Litigation

DMSHB’s IP litigation attorneys protect clients’ ideas and technologies. Our trial lawyers represent clients in patent litigation in federal and state court, and in appeals before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.

Meeting Your Objectives

From the initial meeting to the final resolution, our attorneys focus on identifying goals and achieving objectives. Is the patent valid or is it subject to attack on legal grounds, such as anticipation or obviousness? If the patent is valid and a client is accused of infringement, what is a reasonable royalty based on the industry, invention and scope of the protection? We understand that litigation costs and risks impact bottom lines. By asking these questions from the outset, our attorneys design litigation strategies to meet clients’ objectives, whether that means working towards a rapid negotiated settlement or achieving clients’ goals through extended litigation.

Delivering Value

Our patent litigation attorneys work aggressively to meet your objectives, and our priority is to take a proactive, and not reactive approach, in litigation. We apply cost-effective discovery strategies, and we tailor these strategies to the unique needs of each client, and each case. We develop trial themes early in each case, and we build the case around those themes. We understand that while many cases settle before trial, a strong foundation must be laid early in any case, particularly where complex patented technologies are involved. Our patent litigation attorneys understand that juries often consist of laypeople who lack the technical expertise necessary to understand complex patented technologies.  With this in mind, we start early and identify analogies, illustrations and strategies designed to simplify complicated concepts so that juries can understand them if a trial becomes necessary.

How We Do It?

  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Early analysis
  • Identifying objectives
  • Effective communication
  • Active client participation
  • Risk management

Learn More

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