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Estate Planning | Managing Inheritances

The death of a parent is an emotionally challenging life event that leaves little time or energy to properly address matters of inheritance. It is best to attend to immediate concerns before making any important financial decisions. However, once the estate’s personal representative goes about the task of settling the estate, it is essential for beneficiaries to note that a parent’s lawyer represents the personal representative, not the beneficiaries. With this in mind, if beneficiaries question the personal representative’s methods or motivations, they are advised to hire their own lawyers. Doing so may help ensure that the heirs and the personal representative see things the same way. Once the estate is settled, the services of an estate-planning lawyer may prove invaluable.

Do you have any questions about probating an estate that you have been named an heir or personal representative of? At our office, we have years of experience with a wide variety of legal areas, including probate, estate planning, wills, and trusts. Remember, it’s important to get your attorney involved as soon as possible in all legal matters.

HINT: Typically, at least one beneficiary acts as personal representative.

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