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Legal Strategy | Default Judgments

Author: Lauri Schmid ( email author ) ( download author’s v-card )

Savage, MN Estate Planning Attorney

You Must Put Up a Defense

What would you do if you found yourself named as the defendant in a civil lawsuit? If you elected to do nothing, the judge may enter a “default judgment” against you. Prior to doing so, the judge would likely make sure you were properly served with the summons and complaint, as well as notified of the correct time, date, and place of the trial. If you were properly served, the plaintiff may then be given the opportunity to summarize his or her case and justify the amount of damages he or she is claiming. Once the default judgment is entered, the plaintiff can collect from you in the same manner as if you had appeared, fought, and lost the case.

Do you have any questions about default judgments? Have you been served with a Summons and Complaint? Our lawyer has years of experience dealing with all aspects of civil law. We will provide you with the thoughtful legal advice you need during this difficult time. In addition, we also take cases that pertain to contract law, bankruptcy law and probate issues.

HINT: If you are named as the defendant in a civil case, consult immediately with a lawyer to discuss your options.

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