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Why you should name a guardian for your new child right away

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Estate Planning |

As a young parent, you are likely looking to your family’s future with unbridled excitement. There are great possibilities ahead, so legal matters like naming a guardian for your new child are probably at the very back of your mind.

You might be under the impression that estate planning is something you can nonchalantly put off until later in life.  Accidents can happen to anyone at any time though, so choosing a legal guardian that can care for your child in a worst-case scenario is an important duty.

What does it mean to name a guardian?

When you are drafting a will to determine the fate of your estate and assets, one other matter to clarify is the guardianship of your young children. Should the worst happen to you and your spouse, the court will carry out the wishes described in your will as long as it remains safe and legal to do so. Your child’s appointed guardian will assume decision-making authority and other parental responsibilities for your child after your death, ensuring they have a comfortable and loving home.

How do you start the guardianship process?

It is best to consult with an estate planning attorney who can help you write a legally compliant will. Keep in mind that you can then amend your will at any time, which may be necessary if you need to change your chosen guardian for any reason.

Starting an estate plan is the best thing parents can do to guarantee a prosperous childhood for their newest family members. No matter what unfortunate events life may bring, your children deserve to have a familiar guardian to take care of them.