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Our attorneys routinely review and prepare non-compete agreements for both employers and employees.

Minnesota disfavors non-compete agreements as restraints against trade. However, non-competes are enforceable if they are drafted correctly.  They can be used to exclude a person from working in an industry for a year or more.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-compete agreement is a contract.  It restricts the right of an employee to engage in a competitive business relationship with an employer. Non-competes are used by employers to prevent executives and employees from leaving and working for a competitor. Before signing a non-compete, employees should speak to a Minnesota non-compete attorney.

Are Non Compete Agreements Legal in Minnesota?

Minnesota courts will enforce non-compete agreements that are reasonable and necessary to protect the legitimate interests of an employer. A non-compete agreement must be limited in scope and duration, e.g., a contract that prevents a salesperson from doing sales work for any company anywhere for an unspecified amount of time will not be enforced because it is too broad. However, a more limited agreement would likely be enforced. Our Minnesota non-compete agreement attorneys help employers and employees evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a non-compete agreement both before and after it is signed.

How are Non-Compete Agreements Enforced?

In many instances, an employer threatens to sue an employee. If you receive a letter threatening legal action, please contact one of our Minnesota non-compete agreement lawyers at 952-432-3136.

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